Friday, May 14, 2021

[Secure Connection Failed][PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR]

 Hi Techies,

Recently, I came across the secure connection failed error for a reason.

The website was not loading properly and throwing the below error :


Note that this error the user was having only while connecting via a secured server while the website was accessible outside of the secured environment.

A preliminary study led me to the following causes of this issue :

  1. VPN or proxy connections
  2. Incorrect encryption variants
  3. A profile from corrupted Firefox browser
  4. Third party security software such as AV blocking the sites

I proceeded by checking all of the above, well, starting with number (2-4) and could notice that

 (2)no ssl settings were modified

(3) I recreated a profile to test and configure it with all the required settings and also the user mentioned that he has done it with lots of different partners before with no issues, so Firefox settings cannot be an issue

(4) Checked about possible web filtering in place in AV, there are none.

Therefore, the issue could come only with the first option which was the firewall.

A firmware issue on the firewall was the reason behind this issue and that was fixed.

Hopefully, that worked for both of us and frustrated,angry customers became happy customers again :)

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”
--John Dewey