Sunday, April 26, 2020

[Linux Mint] - Making a flash drive bootable with Windows 10 ISO file

Hello Techies,

Yesterday I was playing around with my sister's very old laptop and realised that she got Windows 7 installed on the machine but the system was so slow and not responding most of the time.
So, I decided to revamp it and give it a new look. Well, I wanted her to have Windows 10 on her 32-bit machine.

Link to obtain Windows 10 [32-bit] :

In order to make that happen, the first step was to convert a flash drive to a bootable device. As I love to use my Linux Mint OS for almost all the administration stuffs, below are the steps I followed to convert the flash drive:

1. Connect the flash drive to your pc. I used an 8GB since the ISO file took 3.8GB and to be on the safe side :)

2. Click on Menu > Disks > Click on the storage device > Format Disks

3. Create partition

4. Install WOEUSB - a tool which will allow the flash drive to be converted to a bootable disk

This was a simple tutorial on how to make use of WoeUSB and turn a flash drive into a bootable device.

Next tutorial will be on how to install Windows 10 on a 32-bit laptop.

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  1. Thanks for this one. I always found it difficult to create Windows bootable disk on Linux.