Friday, June 12, 2020

[Windows Server 2019][Promote a server to a Domain Controller][Step-by-step Guide]

Hello Techies,

Here I come again with the setting up of Active Directory on the Windows Server 2019 we installed yesterday.
This is a step-by-step guide on how to install the roles and features to promote the server to a Domain Controller. We will be creating a new forest in this tutorial.
The steps are as follows :

1. Click on Add roles and features
2. Click Next

 3. Click Next
 4. Click Next
 5.Select Active Directory Domain Services
 6.Click Add Features
 7. Click Next
 8. Click Next
 9. Click Next
 10. Select Restart the destination server automatically if required. Click OK, Install
 11. Wait a while till installation is completed
 12. Click on Promote this server to a domain controller
 13. Select Add a new forest, enter a domain name and click on Next
 14. Type in a password to login the domain controller and take note of that
 15. Click Next
16. Click Next
 17. Click Next
 18. Click Next
 19. Click Install
 20. Wait for installation processes to complete
 21. The server restarts and settings are applied
 22. Login as Administrator with the password earlier configured
 23. Verify that the features have been correctly set up

That's all, folks.
Next will be on how to add IIS role and feature to set up a web server!!!


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