Thursday, April 30, 2020

[Linux Mint] Upgrading firefox 50.0.2 to firefox 75.0

Hello Techies,

I installed Linux Mint Cinnamon back in 2016 on one of my laptops. Since a few days I have restarted using it and enjoying all the features and rapidity that this free environment is offering. However, some of the software I was using back in 2016 obviously got outdated.
I had some free time, so I updated one of the my favourite browsers, Firefox.
This is a guide to upgrade  firefox 50.0.2 to firefox75.0 (the latest version as of date).

1. Current old version on my laptop

2. Download the latest firefox package at
3. Unpack the files
$ cd ~/Downloads/
$ tar xjf firefox-75.0.tar.bz2

4.Move unpacked folder from Downloads to /opt/firefox75
$ sudo mv firefox /opt/firefox75

5.Backup the old firefox launcher
$ sudo mv /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/firefox-old

6.Create a symlink pointing to the new Firefox version:
$ sudo ln -s /opt/firefox75/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

7.Launch firefox
$ firefox

Thanks to and Nitin

Hello Techies,

I wanted to write about my venture and association with I was among the fortunate tech bloggers to get invited and accepted to write contents on their site
A good friend of mine, Nitin Mutkawoa who also blogs at and one of the founders of was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to write about and anything pertaining from technology to lifestyle.
I am very grateful to him and the community.

They are on facebook as well as Community.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

[Installation] Windows 10 OS on a 32-bit laptop

Hello Techies,

Here I come again with the installation of Windows 10 on my sister's old 32-bit dell laptop. Below are the instructions and a video which show the steps. The whole process took me about less than 1 hour.

1. Start the machine and when laptop logo appears press F12 (for dell laptop models) to enter setup mode
2. Make USB as first disk to boot from.
3. Press on Apply and restart the machine
4. Plug-in the bootable flash drive.
5.The machine will boot up with USB and the Windows10 installation will begin.
6. Select language
6. Click on 'I don't have a product key' if you do not possess one and click on Next or if you have a product key, go ahead and put the key and click on Next.

7. Select the Operating System you wish to install and click on Next

8. Select 'Accept the licence terms' and click on Next

9. Select the type of installation you wish to proceed with and for a fresh installation, opt for  'Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)'

10. Delete existing partitions on the disk and click on Next

11.Windows will start installing and may take a few minutes

12. After installation of the operating system, windows will restart

13. After reboot, Windows 10 will ask for a few configuration details.
The video tutorial below shows the full configuration process.

Next tutorial will be on how I installed Windows 10 on a 64-bit machine which is slightly different.
Thanks for viewing this tutorial.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

[Linux Mint] - Making a flash drive bootable with Windows 10 ISO file

Hello Techies,

Yesterday I was playing around with my sister's very old laptop and realised that she got Windows 7 installed on the machine but the system was so slow and not responding most of the time.
So, I decided to revamp it and give it a new look. Well, I wanted her to have Windows 10 on her 32-bit machine.

Link to obtain Windows 10 [32-bit] :

In order to make that happen, the first step was to convert a flash drive to a bootable device. As I love to use my Linux Mint OS for almost all the administration stuffs, below are the steps I followed to convert the flash drive:

1. Connect the flash drive to your pc. I used an 8GB since the ISO file took 3.8GB and to be on the safe side :)

2. Click on Menu > Disks > Click on the storage device > Format Disks

3. Create partition

4. Install WOEUSB - a tool which will allow the flash drive to be converted to a bootable disk

This was a simple tutorial on how to make use of WoeUSB and turn a flash drive into a bootable device.

Next tutorial will be on how to install Windows 10 on a 32-bit laptop.