Monday, April 12, 2021

[Microsoft Azure][Privileged Identity Management][Self-assignment and activation of roles]

Hello Techies,

The steps below show how to self-activate a Global Administrator Role to be able to perform privileged administrative actions in Azure.

1. Sign-in to your Azure Account [].

2. Type in "Azure Privileged" in the search bar


3. Select "Azure AD Privileged Management"

4. Click on "My roles"


5. The following screenshot will list the eligible assignments you can activate


6. Click on "Activate". 

You may specify the amount of time you need to have the Global Administrator role activated and also state the reason for this activation. It adds an extra layer of security to this type of privileged role and ensure the role is not active when not needed in case you forget to deactivate it.


7. Click on the "Activate" button


8.  Activation is started

9. Give a few minutes before you can actually see all the options getting activated.

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