Wednesday, March 9, 2022

[AWS][Amazon FSx for Windows File Server][P1 - Creating a File System]


 Hello techies,

This is a meaningful tutorial if you want to migrate your on-premises file servers to the cloud with AWS. A simple and beautiful way to achieve this is by 

(1) creating a filesystem in FSx for Windows File Server

(2) migrating the data by using datasync

(3) create a task

(4) configuring the backup /restore

Today we will be focusing on creating a file system with a self-managed Microsoft Active Directory.

Part 1 of this exercise begins by :

1. Connect o AWS with your credentials.

2. Search for FSx in Services and select it.


3. Select 'Create file system'


4.  Select 'Amazon FSx for Windows File Server' and hit on 'Next':


5. It will then ask you about the specifications of the file system details such as:



 6. Review the configurations and create the file system. I used the least amount of resources since it was for testing.


7. The new share can be accessed through the DNS name:


Some additional notes:

- New file shares can be created by using the command  > fsmgmt.msc

- Click on Action > Connect to another computer

- Select Another computer > Enter the DNS name

-  Select "Shares" > Create a new Shared Folder by following the Wizard :


- Complete the wizard and move to the next part and that is of syncing the data from on-premise to the new created shared folder in Amazon FSx for Windows File Server.



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