Monday, May 8, 2023

[Citrix DaaS] - Creating a machine catalog with EC2

This is the continued part after creating the AMI in AWS that I shall use to create the numerous desktops. The desktops will inherit the properties in the AMI and also some of them I am going to specify.

I am using Citrix Cloud to build the machine catalog and delivery group.

The process is as follows:

1. Connect to Citrix Cloud.

2. Click on Manage in the DaaS tab:


3.  Select 'Machine Catalogs' > 'Create Machine Catalog'


4.  The 'Machine Catalog Setup' page appears, click on Next:

5. I am going to be using Single-session OS to provide VDI desktops for different users:


6. The next page brings you to select how you want your machine to be managed :

- I need it to be VM 

- I am going to be creating those machines through MCS -Machine Creation Services 

- I select the AWS Zone since I want to create EC2